A Daughter's Growth

As a parent it has always been my desire to see my kids succeed.  I have always prayed that they would grow to understand and appreciate how wonderfully made they are and to recognize the gifts that God uniquely placed in them for His glory and good works.  Recently I was given a glimpse of the wonderful and unique beauty within my precious daughter Madison.  It is with tremendous pride and also with her permission that I share her recent essay for admission into OSU.  I am so impressed with the wisdom and heart that created such a piece and hope it blesses each of you as it blessed me.

 If you could be a superhero, what would your powers be...... (by Madi Leigh) 

If I had a secret superhero identity my name would be Plus.  I’d work as a counselor by day so that I could hear all the negatives coming from different people.  Then I would shrink myself down to the form of a small, cue tip sized fairy, making it easier for me to whisper in peoples ears without being seen.  After I whisper positive messages and advice into these people’s dreams they would wake up with a new energy to use my whispers and do healthy, fun things for themselves.  I would be able to see their thoughts and would influence them in the dream to make their thoughts more cheerful and good for that person and their life. They would  wake up feeling so much better than they did the day before.  My whispers would benefit and help their lives no matter what circumstance they were in.  It would reduce depression, negativity, and suicide rates.  I believe that with the right push many can achieve better life styles.  They just have to find the right people to help them.  Many can be helpful to a troubled individual.  Some either don’t know that that person is troubled or they don’t see the need to be any assistance to them.  I also think loneliness and someone’s own thoughts can turn them to do things that they shouldn’t.  There is a little voice in people’s heads that seems so loud to them.  This voice says that the person doesn’t have any worth or that no one needs them anyway.  Then there is another voice, much smaller than the first, that tries to fight against the negative comments that it makes.  My power would help this second voice so that it may grow louder than the first voice over time, benefitting the individual.  

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1. Lela Hewitt wrote:
So proud of this special grandaughter. Her heart is pure and beautiful! And, I am proud of her parents who have raised her to care about others. Mima

Tue, July 28, 2015 @ 9:47 AM

2. Kim Ferguson wrote:
This is beautiful!
Thank you for reaching out and touching lives.
I know you help those who are hurting and can be the difference that they truly need!
Strive to always listen to that still small voice, it can be screaming loud and you won't realize it until later.
Many blessings to you college career and future.
Much love to your family!

Sun, October 4, 2015 @ 3:53 AM

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