Be a Child

Oh to be a child again.  To run, jump, and play with little to no distractions or knowledge of the dangers and worries of the world.  To smile at yesterday, embrace today, and hope with anticipation for tomorrow.  As an adult, to live as a child is both difficult and frowned upon, but also necessary.  Even my daughter reminds me of this fact, when she proclaims that I don't laugh enough.  When did I become so old???

I am convinced that living as a child in an adults body is about blinders.  Blinders help you focus on what's important, while keeping your eyes off of life's many distractions.  I am guilty of asking my wife to put on blinders when she shops, so as to purchase the intended item, and avoid all others (doesn't often work, but it is a good concept, at least from a man's point of view).  As adults, we are very often to distracted with the world, with what is to come, and less focus with anticipation, on what God is doing at this moment in time.  Children seldom think beyond the next five minutes, maybe that should be our strategy at times. 

I am not saying we avoid planning or anticipating, but enjoying the moment God has for you right now, allows us to enjoy and embrace the relationship as it is, avoiding what is to come.  Embrace your inner child today, and the God of the inner child, and let tomorrow take care of itself.





Matt. 18:4, "Whoever then humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven."

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1. Milan wrote:
Perfect timing!! I've been tnnikihg about this for the last day or so. It seems that most internal conflict and unhappiness comes from our reactions (usually habitual) to requests from other people. Either that or our halucinations about how another person is currently reacting to our actions (or lack of action). For example; rushing home because you think your significant other is going to be upset or already is. In both cases, we are taking an action based on our perception of what another person is going to think, feel or react too. By definition, this is insanity since we are reacting to an illusion. Even if the illusion becomes real, only at that point does it really make sense to take the necessary action to deal with it. Which is also a waste of time and effort because if you are truly self actualized you really have no need to spend time with people who get upset with you for being who you are..-= Robert s last blog .. =-.[]

Fri, September 21, 2012 @ 11:18 PM

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