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  • Slave to Child

    "When God rescues unbelievers from sin, He makes them His own slaves.  yet, He does not stop there.  In salvation, the redeemed become not only His slaves but also His friends (John 15:14-15), as well as citizens in His kingdom and , most notably, adopted children in His family.  Believers have been transformed from slaves of sin into the sons and daughters of righteousness".  as quoted from John MacAruther from the book "Slave"

  • slave by calling

    As I continue to study the concept of slavery in relation to my faith, I have become extremely aware of God's calling of His people.  In ancient times slaves were pick by the master, not the master by the slave.  This is also true with salvation.  I have not been saved by my righteousness, education, emotions, or upbringing.  I have been saved because of God's mercy and calling on my life.  Who I am and who I can be is a direct product of God's plan and purpose, not...

  • slave1

    I have recently been reading a book on the Lordship of Christ and our position as "slave".  This is not an easy concept to grasp nor a popular one.  None the less when we give our lives to Christ we become His and His alone.  We voluntarily give up our rights and in turn responsibilities.  As a slave my life, comfort, security and well being is completely in the hands of my master.  How great it is to serve a Master that loves me and promise to supply all my needs. ...