I have recently been reading a book by Mark Hitchcock titled "The End".  It is a completed overview of the rapture and the many theories associated with this event.  It is a great read and a very good resource on prophesy and the second coming of Christ.  In one of the chapters Mark references several people from the 1600 and 1700's and their views on the second coming to reference how long these views have been around.  It got me thinking about people during this time in history and their views compared to mine.  They most likely believed that Christ return was not far off, as many do today, but 300 years later we are still waiting as they were.

But what caught my attention the most was that after 300 years we were still reading what these men and women wrote and still saying their names.  It made me wonder if anything I do today will be around in 300 years.  How long will the influence of my life be around after I am gone?  I guess I am thinking about my legacyA good definition of legacy is; something from the past:  something handed down or remains from a previous generation or time.

We all have a legacy; but what will it be and how long will it last.  Many I know will be remembered by what they wrote, said or built.  For me, the most logical legacy will be a product of what I did as a father and how my children take forward what they have learned while in my care.  The time and attention I devote to them and their growth defines my legacy and I am committed that God be glorified.  Yes, I can touch others outside of my family, but my effect on my children is unavoidable, for better or worse. 

Christ may come back today and if so I look forward with great anticipation to His return.  But if in 300 years people are still waiting I pray that what I do today in my family and outside of it brings glory to His name for future generations.

How is your legacy today?  Something to think about.

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1. Anonymous wrote:
Donnie, you have a legacy in my family. Because of your loving and kind counseling you saved a tree.....my family tree. Because of you (the Lord working through you) our tree didn't split and us become a statistic. Your legacy of helping families stay together (and helping people in general) will be declared in heaven one day. I truly believe there's a reward waiting for you for the wise counsel, quiet listening, prayers and unconditional love you showed to my wife and I.

Tue, March 5, 2013 @ 2:42 PM

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