Last week I lost someone very dear to me.  His loss has left a void in my heart as he was a man of deep passion, loyalty and life.  I will miss my cousin Adam and his wonderful smile and heart.  It is hard to recover from a loss.  I have had my share, as I am sure you have as well.  Losing someone we love can leave us in a place of numbness.  Weak and unable to function.  A place of almost constant haze. 

Yet at some point we must build up the courage and strength to pick ourselves up and move forward.  Our feelings and emotions are strong during a loss.  However, we each have the ability to see beyond the hurt, and to recognize the road that lies ahead.  A road of new hope, new peace and new opportunity for joy, where sorrow now sits.  We each have the capability to weather the storms of life, especially a loss.  It may at times feel like we can not move on, like we have no power, no control, no hope.  But we must press on.  The feelings we have are but for a moment, to be expressed, absorbed, appreciated, and then at some point, left behind.

In 2 Samuel 12, David lost his child with Bathsheba of 7 days, he said these words, "While the child was still alive, I fasted and wept; for I said, "Who knows, the Lord may be gracious to me, that the child may live."  But now he has died; why should I fast?  Can I bring him back again?  I will go to him, but he will not return to me".  Then David comforted his wife...(2 Sam. 12:22-24).  A loss brings us a time of reflection and feelings.  It is a time to appreciate, reflect and hurt.  But is is also a time of moving forward with life.

I pray that those who find loss, also find a peace in what is to come, and a joy in what once was.

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