Marriages-If you are looking for someone with a wealth of experience, but also with the ability to communicate and create change within the marriage relationship, you have come to the right place.

PreMarriage-There is nothing better than solving problems before they come up.  Feel confident that you have found someone well equipped to prepare you and your future spouse for the challenging and rewarding road ahead.

Adolescents-A very large part of my practice is in the area of adolescents.  I not only enjoy this segment, but I spend a great deal of time studying and embracing this ever-changing age group.  I welcome the opportunity and challenge that exist in helping both the young person and their parents find peace and growth through this challenging time of life.

Anxiety (Panic) and Depression (Individual Therapy)-Each day we are in constant battle between what we feel and what we think (or know).  It is often the outcome of this battle that leads us to a place of peace or turmoil.  I have found some wonderful insights and tools that can help event the most struggling circumstances.  Let me share...

Blended Families-Blended families are a real and growing segment of our society.  Coming from a blended family myself, I am confident in my ability to help you and your family find a place of peace within the many challenges faced when his, hers and/or ours come together.

Comments from Clients boys have really opened up.

...I have learned to reconnect with my children.

...Donnie is genuinely concerned about my well being.

...his work is based on Biblical principles.

...he helped me recover from a long battle with depression, restore relationships with my family, and develop conflict resolution strategies.