Parents-something to think about

Parents, one of the most important lesson you can teach your children is the ability to see beyond themselves, to appreciate others and to act beyond their individual feelings, thoughts and desires.  It's the lesson of loving others as we love ourselves.  As I look at popular headlines over the last several days (and months) I see; a professional athlete bullying a teammate to the point of emotional breakdown, a pair of girls dressed as the NY twin towers, coaches having peewee football parties at Hooters, and a popular music artist singing about it being her time and her life (she can do what she wants to).  Morality demands we understand, appreciate and respond to how are actions effect those around us and act accordingly.  As morality sleeps deeper and deeper away from God and to a place of "what feels good", we are forced to observe the many ramifications of actions and their effects on society and our own families.

As a parent you are uniquely qualified to make a difference each and every time you interact with your child.  She/He is learning about selfless love and surrender from you.  They watch you, listen to you, and ultimately learn morality and rightness from the example you show each and every day.  Let me offer a few examples to how to help them succeed in a life of Christ-like love; 1) Let them see a committed, selfless love in your relationship with your spouse.  They will watch your feelings, emotions and desires played out in your marriage each day.  They will see how you love your spouse in good times and in bad.  They will watch reactions, moods, conflicts and attitudes.  What a great opportunity to share selfless love to your children as you administer it to your spouse.  2) Practice selfless love with your children as you talk and prayer for others, as you practice random acts of kindness in your neighborhoods and communities.  Show them through your actions together how to consider others above ourselves.

Each day we have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.  That difference can be negative or positive, but rest assured we do make a difference.  I encourage you today to think beyond yourself to the many people that cross your path each and everyday.  Let us go beyond ourselves today and be the example are young people need in hopes that their lessons will impact others and beyond.  God bless.

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