This weekend Heather and I were able to take a mini vacation to Tulsa and spent much of the time reflecting on the past four months.  I am still taken off guard at the emotions still present in me from her experience and the outpouring we received then and now.  I do know that I will never see pray in the same light.  We may never know, this side of heaven, the impact that pray had on our family.  I do know that the opportunity to participate in praying for others will be something I continue to approach with honor and a deep seeded responsibility, not to mention another opportunity to watch God work, as He did in Heather's life.  I believe God very much wants to impact our lives each and every day through our prayer life.  I wonder what (or who) we miss when we don't pray?  This weekend, as I enjoyed time with my Heather, I was thankful for those who pray.

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1. Mike wrote:
ECHOgram for Tuesday, November 29, 2011Prayer for Spiritual Revival in the Church in the WestThrough the Increase of Spiritual Knowledge and WisdomIntroductionOn an average, astpors in the West spend 5 minutes per day in prayer.There is widespread apathy among believers in the church that are dissatisfied with the quality of preaching and spiritual ministry coming from the pulpit.Therate of divorce among members of the Christian Community, including the Clergy, is rivaling that of the people of the world.In Europe, where secular humanism has overrun the church, there is a steady decline in church attendance, particularly among the young that are turning to other religions such as Islam.Liberalism and materialism is on the rise in Europe and America challenging traditional Biblical Standards of morality and ethics that were once accepted norms throughout the Western world.Despite the dismal outlook particularly in Europe, there is a glimmer of hope in the West, reflected in the astounding growth of Pentecostalism here in the U.S. and parts of Europe, particularly among the African/Caribbean churches. The largest Protestant churches in Europe are led by a Nigerian astpors.Prayer PointsThank God for the growth occurring through Pentecostalism and among the African/Caribbean churches that are flourishing in parts of Europe. Pray for continued growth and expansion of this move of God in the church in the West and that this will serve as a catalyst of another mighty spiritual revival mainly in Europe.Pray that believers will understand the priority of the Christian walk so they can please God and bear fruit in maturity, reflected in strong marriages and stable families that are committed to raising the next generation in keeping with Biblical standards. Pray for broken and struggling Christian marriages and homes.Pray for believers that they will understand who they are and what they have in Christ, reflected in a bold and uncompromising stand for righteousness and godliness serving as a counter culture in a decadent age. Pray for believers who choose to live beneath their privileges and giftings.Pray for believers to have a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Christ; God's revelation of Himself is the rock of revelation on which we stand; pray that they might know Him and the hope of His calling and the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints and this spirit of wisdom and revelation in Christ will form the basis of life and ministry in the church and Christian community to send a powerful message to the world of the power of the Gospel and the hope we have in Christ.Pray for astpors, Christian leaders, and congregations that they might know God intimately and grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Fundamental to this desire to know God intimately and for growing in grace and knowledge of Christ is a strong commitment to prayer. Pray for the growth of the prayer movement among astpors and congregations particularly here in America and Europe.Throughout his prayer, Paul reminded the Colossians of the truths he had taught them. He prayed that they might fully understand, embrace and live out these truths on a daily basis. It is as we commit ourselves as believers to live out these truths that we will be able to withstand the impact of current onslaught of liberalism, materialism and secular humanism. Pray for astpors, Christian Leaders and Congregations particularly in America and Europe to commit themselves to Biblical truths in such areas as human sexuality, marriage, social justice and ministry to the poor.Most believers do not know the power available to them through the Holy Spirit (I John 4:4). Pray for an increased hunger for another major outpouring of the Holy Spirit particularly among astpors here in America and Europe that are struggling spiritually, burnt out, lonely and leaving the pastorate at an alarming rate due to sexual immorality.Pray for astpors, Christian leaders and congregations that they will fully understand what they received when they were saved. Pray that they will have no excuses for lacking awareness of their calling, their inheritance or their power. Pray for those astpors, instructors and professors of Bible Colleges and Seminaries charged by God with the responsibility of imparting the truths of the Bible.Pray for a visitation of God among the youth and young adult populations here in America and Europe for revival and spiritual transformation.Bishop John ArcovioSpirit-Led Worship Center, Rohnert Park, CAProphet to the Nations (Global Ministry)

Thu, April 19, 2012 @ 12:16 AM

2. Ganga wrote:
C, I am so glad that you found this site and that I am able to pray for you. I hope you find encouragement and hope in knoiwng that your grandson is not alone in his struggle with mental illness and you are not alone as a caretaker of a person with mental illness. I pray for strength and encouragement for you as you face this tough battle in helping your grandson and I pray that you would find others who would stand along side you in prayer for him. I pray for your grandson, you, your entire family, and all who are a part of your grandsons life that God's love for your grandson and for each of you would be so apparent that it would completely overwhelm any struggle or pain that his condition may cause. I pray that all selfish agendas and motives would be set aside as people see your grandson through the eyes of his Heavenly Father who lovingly created him and continues to shape and mold him. Since our struggle is not against flesh and blood, I pray against any spiritual forces who may have evil intent for your grandson and/or the people around him. I pray that the enemy would not be allowed access to his life through those he loves and those who are called to love him. I pray not only that lying mouths would be silenced, but also that eyes would be opened to see Truth and love from the true Lord Jesus Christ and that His truth would soften hearts and chase away deceptions and lies. I pray that your grandson would be surrounded by love and support and that he himself would see how special he is. I pray that he would know the love of Christ and the wonderful plan God has for his life. I pray that as he comes to know who God is and who God created him to be, that truth would overcome all lies that he may have been told. Your grandson is a very special young man with a very special purpose (as I'm sure you know). As I was praying for your grandson, God brought a verse to mind- Isaiah 43:1 "Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; you are mine". I hope and pray that others would also read your prayer request and that your grandson, you, and your family would be completely surrounded and covered by prayer.

Fri, April 20, 2012 @ 9:28 PM

3. iguivej wrote:
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Sun, April 22, 2012 @ 5:12 AM

4. Nabill wrote:
I feel like I have to express this, Leslie. I hope you will not take ofnsefe.My reading of the Bible is that God is everything. I interpret the the heavenly father as that which art in heaven. In other words everything above the Earth is God in heaven . The Son of God is the that which God begets, the underlying creative movement in which we are united as we move through the heavens. This movement, across the dark waters actually creates the phenomena we know as light and our perception of the places where our souls are connected, the Sun and stars. In my view, the Earth is continuously (re)created in six movements and persists or rests in a seventh movement from which the process restarts. It is this seventh movement that we experience as the Earth plane. These movements bely our worldly perception but entangle our beings meta-physically. The first description I've found of this is in the i Ching it's also in Plato's Timaeus, the Vedas, and in Genesis. The word day in Genesis was translated from the Hebrew word Tsela which also means a quarter of the heavens. Tsela is also used to describe the ark of the covenant but in that book was translated to the english work arc instead. The king james translation to a solar day was an error in my view.And knowing this, the crucifixion is symbolic of something that defies simple physical explanation: The fact that we continuously cross through the Sun within these imperceptible movements. The early cross was within a circle, symbolizing the Sun. This challenging knowledge was understood by Fu Xi, Plato, Moses and Ezekiel and very few others. In Christianity this view was all but vanquished with the adoption of the Copernican model. This is what the big fight was about between Galileo and the Catholics. In truth, our spirits are united by the fact that the energy that creates the Sun touches, connects, and animates all of us as the spirit of God carries us across the dark waters .The cross represents a subtle truth about the underlying nature within our beings. This is an esoteric truth which has been for centuries secreted by a few mystery schools which branched off from Christianity. Sadly, when scientific observations contradicted the more subtle truth, lesser minds prevailed. The last 500 years will eventually be seen as The Darker Ages .Because of recent discoveries, this will not need to remain a secret much longer. In fact, it cannot be denied much longer. God's will and all Jesus is another matter entirely. I find the Jesus torture stories offensive and problematic. I see them as apologies for inflicting and accepting suffering instead of combating it. I suspect if Moses was alive today he'd tell his followers to execute most of the modern sects just as he did those who worshiped the golden cow. I'm certain Moses would consider the wooden blocks with the man nailed to it just as much of an idol, and perhaps even more offensive considering what he was actually trying to relate in Genesis.Now I'm not Moses. But I definitely do not accept the suffering of Jesus in my heart.And I'd just as soon avenge the death of a good man killed by evil men. And in the spirt of justice and God's truth, I would hope to be avenged if such an injustice was done to me.I feel like I had to express this. I believe Matt deserves this knowledge and see him as one of the precious few who may understand it as a vessel for the truth, of Christ.Blessings,-John

Wed, January 22, 2014 @ 3:27 AM

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