I have seen many couples that can’t help but see things from an individual perspective. They are so tied up competing with their spouse that they fail to see that “two have become one”. If couples could start seeing their relationship more as a team sport and less as an individual event, changes might start happening. I see countless couples living separate lives, but in the same house. He is focused on his career, yard work, poker night, golf with his buddies and men’s bible study, while she is occupied by her career, house work, ladies bible study, palates, and girls’ night out. The only time these two seem to get together is when there is a problem needing the attention of both spouses, and often we approach these problems with the same individual approach as everything else. But her insecurities are yours, and his fears are yours. When a couple can combat the attacks of life together, with exposed weaknesses and strengths, they can move mountains within their relationship.

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2. Mussa wrote:
Indeed whether this tale is true or no, the fact rimneas as it did in Crocketts day that the Congress had and has no authority to give away the peoples money. And in fact, the Congress did create the U.S. General Accounting Office in 1921 headed by a Presidentially appointed Comptroller General to report not to the President but to the Congress on the validity of all expenditures of the Government including the legality of expenditures by Congress. The opinions of the GAO (now called the Government Accountabilit Office)(certainly a misnomer in todays terms)are enforceable by law and at least one Comptroller General seeing where the spending by the Administration and Congress was leading resigned to take his concerns directly to the people since obviously the Congress neither listened nor seemed to care that there were serious problems brewing by their actions in appropriating moneys in violation of the Constitution. Again without regard to the veracity of the story about Col. Crockett, the Congress never has had the Constitutional authority to give away for charity or any other such reason the peoples funds. And yet they seem of late to be so emboldened by the ease with which they can get away with the theft (or for the more timid, the rape) of the treasury for their own pet projects and programs. Indeed, I for one agree that they long since should have been impeached almost to a Senator and Congressman. Would that we find it in our hearts and especially in our minds to make this a reality come November this year and November the following year and november the following year to replace another Third of The Senate as well. It is long since time also that We the People start doing our jobs as citizens in letting the Congress know that they govern at our pleasure, not their own and by imposing term limits on all of them including state and local office holders. For, it is a certainty in my view that it is a priviledge not a right to serve the people and at their pleasure not our individual own. This Marine Decries the voices heard of late of forceably taking back our country if things get much worse but this Marine also recognizes that the words of our founders that from time to time it may become necessary that a little blood must be spilled to maintain the freedoms guaranteed by our constitution but so rudely ignored by Congress and the Administration of late.

Wed, August 8, 2012 @ 10:16 PM

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