The Giver

I remember as a child, having birthday parties (at skating rinks no less), and getting wonderful presents from my family and friends.  But if you were to ask me, at the time, who gave me what present, I doubt I could have told you.  How easy it is to forget the giver, over the gift.

God provides us daily with wonderful gifts, expressing His loving nature and desire to effect our lives in positive ways.  But are we guilty of seeing the gift over the giver?  Let me explain;  When we finally have some downtime, and have an opportunity to relax, is it the silence we worship, or the God that provided it?  When we have the opportunity to take that much needed vacation to the mountains or beach, is it the location that grabs our attention, or the God that provided and created it?  When we receive that raise or promotion at work, is our focus on a job well done, or the God that gave us the talents to get the job done well??

God is a product of all we see and experience in this life.  To know Him is to truly understand and appreciate the many way's He blesses us and reveals Himself.  Each blessing you see or experience today, is a product of a loving God, and His workings in and through your life.  Chose this day to recognize and appreciate the Giver, and not just the gift.






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1. Ernest wrote:
Hi Leszek. Woah, you seem upset. Let me explain: we didn't see this issue conmig. Yes, we've had two months. But we've been focusing on making the app as good as possible. Our licensing support is half done, and will be out soon. We just didn't realize that Google would not support new handsets for copy-protected apps until people wrote to us yesterday. We think it's madness! So I will absolutely try to get the app available for you, ASAP.Thanks!!Joe

Mon, August 6, 2012 @ 8:16 AM

2. Aline wrote:
Because of the change of shirt style for women, I am prlbaboy never going to buy another LOLMART shirt (SAD TIMES.) The small size of the new brand isn't small enough for me. What I loved about the original lady's shirts was that they a.) made them small enough to fit me and b.) they were form fitting and very cute. Now they're basically like all the other websites offering meme shirts which are basically unflattering and not form fitting. If there wasn't a price jump I could justify dealing with the new size and just taking in the shirt on the sides.I guess I'm a small minority with small bones or something, but I will miss the old sizing for the ladies.

Tue, August 7, 2012 @ 5:17 AM

3. Fatima wrote:
I'm with you on the Solstice shirt thing, but the blue hats? No way red and green are traditional Christmas corols, y' know?What they really need to do is make a long-sleeved version for those of us who live in places where it's cold in Winter!

Wed, August 8, 2012 @ 7:23 PM

4. nrvweicq wrote:
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Fri, August 10, 2012 @ 10:48 AM

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