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Ice Storm 2020

Today me and Max (my Shepherd) took a walk in our neighborhood and viewed first hand the devastation of the Ice Strom we experienced this past week. Trees down in every direction. Big, beautiful, full trees, full of fall leaves, in pieces all over yards as far as the eye can see. On this fall day where in years past I would be feasting my eyes on the brilliant colors of fall, I was now seeing damage and destruction that was hard to imagine.

I also experienced damage and destruction of a different nature as I spent time with two incredible men this past week that had their worlds rocked with the loss of the ability to walk and the loss of a dear daughter. Destruction is so hard to see and to understand. Something that was so beautiful and so much enjoyed taken away in a blink of an eye. I can not imagine what these men are going through. I wonder how I would respond to such tragedy. And I am so aware that tragedy could be on tomorrows agenda for my life, we have no guarantees in this life.

John 15:2b says, "and every branch that bears fruit, He prunes so that it may bear fruit." I want my life focused on the fruit, not the pruning. My prayer today is that these men, and myself, will always press on and bear fruit in response to the tragedy and destruction this world presents us. I know God is and will always be faithful, even when our feelings and what we see contradicts this.

Despite what I witnesses today with the trees in our neighborhood, I know these trees will grow back, and that we will again enjoy the beauty that God created. I also know these men will grow and heal, and will someday exhibit and share the gifts and brilliance God created in them as well.

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