Christian Counseling

Let me start off by saying that I do not believe that Christian Counseling is reserved for only those that call themselves Christian Counselors.  But if you are looking for a Counselor that offers a Christian perspective make sure they 1) believe the Word of God and incorporate it into your time with them, and 2) that they involve prayer in their practice.  It is my desire to walk along side each and every client that walks through my door.  If you desire Christian Counseling, we will explore God's intent for your life and the healing power of HIs Word and Spirit.  If you do not desire this approach then I will continue to use the wisdom and decrement God has provided me to help you find a place of peace and health in whatever challenges you face today and in the day's to come.  God's design for us to love others and to bare one another's burden (Gal. 6), was not directed at only those in a given faith or religion, but towards all mankind.